Medispecs Optometrist

Our highly qualified optometrist performs comprehensive eye examinations using state of the art equipment. A routine examination takes approximately 30 minutes. We require this period of time to thoroughly assess your eyes and visual efficiency. Be sure to phone us to book an appointment.

Our optometrist will look for signs of eye disease such as glaucoma and cataracts. Diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can also be detected in the eyes. A regular eye examination is therefore an important part of health care.

We always Bulk Bill your eye test with Medicare and  recommend regular eye examinations for all the family, regardless of the need for vision correction.

Our optometrist services include:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations, Bulk Billed to Medicare
  • Investigation of reduced visual acuity
  • Investigation of recurring headaches
  • Treatment of dry eyes or watery eyes
  • Experienced in all aspects of Paediatric eyecare
  • Sports eyecare
  • Managing ocular health in patients with diabetes
  • Monitoring cataracts
  • Monitoring glaucoma
  • Spectacle therapy
  • Computerised visual field assessment
  • Digital Retinal Photography
  • Assessment of vision for QLD Transport licensing
  • Colour vision assessment
  • Consultations and referrals for cataract surgery, as well as pre-operative and post-operative care
  • Consultations and referrals for laser corrective eye surgery, as well as pre-operative and post- operative care
  • Contact lens evaluation, fitting and ongoing care

We strive to provide exceptional eyecare for all our patients