At Medispecs North Lakes we want you to see everything life has to offer so we will offer the best lenses available at great value prices. Lenses are more than just a piece of plastic. Millions of dollars are spent on research by reputable lens companies to develop new technology, enhancing and improving your vision. As an independent practice, we have access to all brands and designs, which means we can always match the lens best suited to your requirements.

Single Vision

Used for near, intermediate OR distance vision and will correct many common visual problems such as short-sightedness and astigmatism.

Extended Focus

A combination of intermediate and near vision, this lens is perfect for office, retail or computer users. This will correct problems such as Presbyopia.


Correction of distance and near vision is provided with a line separating the two.


The most advanced of all lenses, experience natural vision from distance through to near with the latest Digital Technology Free Form lens – just like a HD Plasma TV, these lenses offer fewer distortions and sharper images.

All of these lens types are available in different materials to give you the option of a thinner and lighter, more cosmetically appealing result.

Optional Extras

We will advise and recommend these options according to your visual needs and lifestyle requirements


Makes your vision comfortable in any light conditions. They are clear indoors but automatically darken in sunlight.

Anti-Reflective Coating

We use an advanced coating which is smudge free and easy to clean. With enhanced cosmetic appearance and 99% light transmission, it reduces reflections when driving at night and working under artificial light.

Glasses While You Wait

We have an on-site workshop where our qualified staff use the latest computerised edging machine to manufacture your glasses quickly and expertly. You won’t wait weeks for your glasses – in some cases you will only wait an hour! We also understand your choice to use your own frame again for an update to your prescription, so in most cases you won’t need to be without your glasses for any length of time.